Encoder Transmitter/Receiver System

The ProRF Wireless Encoder system provides a means to wirelessly connect a ProScale Encoder to a remote ProScale Readout.

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The ProRF Wireless Encoder system provides a means to wirelessly connect a ProScale Encoder to a ProScale Readout.
Typical applications for the ProRF Encoder system include situations where it would be difficult and/or expensive to route cabling between the Encoder and Digital Readout. 

Examples include: 

  • Encoder cable lengths over 30 feet.
  • Installations where the Encoder and Readout are located in separate rooms or buildings.
  • Applications involving excessive motion of the Encoder resulting in excess cabling wear.
  • Applications that require the Encoder cable be installed in the same conduit with high voltage cables.

The ProRF Encoder Transmitter is capable of sending position data to two different Receivers:

  • The ProRF Encoder Receiver connected directly to a ProScale Readout (as shown in the picture above). 
    This configuration supports ONE Transmitter and ONE or TWO Receivers.

  • The ProRF Universal Receiver connected to a PC RS232 or USB port.
    This configuration supports up to EIGHT Transmitters.

The ProRF Wireless Encoder system is backward compatible with all previously manufactured ProScale measurement products (except Series 950 Systems).  The encoder transmitter/receiver system does NOT include the scale, encoder or readout.  These items must be purchased separately.


  • Typical RF range is up to 300 feet (as of June 2020 - range is environmetally dependent).
  • Receiver powered via 9 VDC plug-in power supply (Included).
  • Transmitter is powered from two internal CR123 batteries.  
  • Transmitter sends positional data only when movement detected, extending battery life.
  • 16 RF channels for interference-resistant operation.  Uses industry standard IEEE 802.15.4 protocol at 2.4 GHz.
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