XD: Measure Sheet & Tiles

ProTable-XD is a custom designed and custom built measuring system designed for measurement of sheets, discs, beams, tubes, shafts, and more. Dozens of options exist, allowing us to make the right gage for your application. Contact us to have your unit designed today!

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ProTable XD
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ProTable-XD is a custom measuring system designed to measure sheets, discs, beams, tubes, and more. The surface is anodized aluminum plate (OR stainless steel OR steel plate) with a recessed slot providing zero clearance measuring. The end stop is typically 1/2" tall plated tool steel, and the moving pin/jaw can be custom designed for your measuring application.
ProTable-XD systems come in custom sizes up to 145 inches range (3.5 meters).
ProTables are built using precision machined, high-quality aluminum extrusion and hardened steel bearings to insure smooth operation and to minimize orthogonal, Abbé, and cosine errors.


  • Custom Design: These systems are built with your measuring requirements in mind. Our engineers collaborate with you using 3D CAD models to ensure your idea is what we build and deliver.
  • Battery Operation: One CR123 Lithium battery powers the Digital Readout (can be externally powered on request).
  • Linear compensation: The digital readout is programmable to set scaling factors to optimize accuracy and operation.
  • Non-Linear error compensation: The digital Readout can store up to 126 correction points along the measuring length to further optimize accuracy.
  • Temperature compensation: The digital readout samples ambient temperature every 15 minutes and applies applicable correction to the measurement.
  • SPC Output: Measurement data can be sent via wire or wireless module to a PC or PLC.
  • Measurement Pins: Standard systems are supplied with hardened steel measuring pins, or Stainless steel may be ordered as an option. If desired, add-ons can be supplied that offer corner-to-corner measurement ablilty too.
  • Easy Operation: Readout settings for Datum, Plus & Minus Offsets, Data Send, and Measurement Units.
  • Choice of Measurement Units: The digital readout will display measurements in inches to .001 or .0005; Millimeters to .01; or Centimeters to .01.
  • Three year warranty on all parts against defects in workmanship.
  • RoHS compliant: Lead Free Product
  • Custom designs are available for your application


Model Measurement Range Accuracy
ProTable-X40 Up to 40 inches (1m) Better than  ± .005in  (± .13mm)
ProTable-X60 Up to 60 inches (1.5m) Better than  ± .005in  (± .13mm)
ProTable-X120 Up to 120 inches (3m) Better than  ± .005in  (± .13mm)

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User Manual
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