Product Bulletins

Coming Soon: ProScale Models 290 and 590 SCALES will come supplied with a new pattern of mounting holes. 

The legacy spacing has dissimilar A and B dimensions for each scale size.

NEW spacing is "B"=12 inches for all scale sizes - unless otherwise requested - when order is initially placed.

The "A" dimension will vary based on the overall physical length of the scale.

2D and 3D CAD files are available for all of these models on request.

Updated Software (September 2023):

Accurate Technology has released version 3 of the ProCAB-QC software.

Updated Products (August 2023):

Accurate Technology has added linear to angular conversion tools to the Version 4 family of Digital readouts.

Updated Products (July 2023):

Accurate Technology has updated the design of all Model 190, 290, 390, and 590 encoders. The newest version has improved electrical noise immunity, plus an on-board supercapacitor. This means position is NOT lost when changing a battery in a readout.

Short supply Products (October 2022):

Production of Accurate Technology's absolute encoder products (Models 150B, 150G, 250B, and 250G) has ended. A newer version absolute products expected in 2024.

Updated Software (August 2022):

Accurate Technology has released version 2 of the ProCAB-QC software.

New Product (October 2020):

Accurate Technology has added an integrated weight measurement system for its ProTable-SA products. Configurable to suit necessary resolution. Requires Windows computer with USB ports for operation.

New Product (September 2020):

Accurate Technology has added a red/green light interface accessory for use with digital readouts using Go-NoGo functions or Limits functions. Compatible with most ProScale systems. Requires external power source (12VDC or 120VAC).

Updated Products (July 2020):

ProScale BASIC, General Purpose, and Enhanced readouts are now available with firmware version 4. This firmware includes dozens of product enhancements, new programmable features, and longer battery life.

New Product (March 2020):

Accurate Technology has added a lower cost optical option for the ProTable-GA. A single camera/lens/light system reduces cost with no very little loss of capability.

New Product (March 2020):

Accurate Technology has added the ProPanel-BE. This is a giant digital caliper that is extendable by adding elecctronic scale sections as needed.

New Product (January 2020):

Accurate Technology has added the BIG RED LED display. With 3 inch (75mm) tall characters, so decimal measurements can be viewed at great distances.

New Product (June 2019):

Accurate Technology has added an automated option to its already very wide product offering for ProTable-SA - our single axis measuring system. This option can be retrofitted to almost any ProTable-SA made since 2012. Allows for same sized (nominal) parts to be measured in very rapid succession, and with very high degree of repeatability. (Parts must be rigid.)

Product Update (March 2019):

Accurate Technology has made some changes to the electronics used in its wireless transmitter systems, ProRF SPC and ProRF Encoder. The updates significantly increase battery life and triples the transmission range.

New Product (June 2018):

Accurate Technology has added a two-axis gantry based measuring system for measuring of nearly any part geometry in 2 axis plane.  ProTable-GA will soon appear in our QC Products Line. ProTable-GA will have standard measuring ranges up to 40x100 inches, with accuracy of +/- .005" (non-contact version) and +/- .010" (contact probe version). Systems are available with or without casters.

New Products (January 2018):

Accurate Technology is proud to announce we now import, stock, and support GIVI brand magnetic encoders. We will have many standard models available. These offer direct to machine control connections such as quadrature, canbus, and more.

New Product (October 2017):

Accurate Technology has added an overhead measuring system called ProTable-XU to its QC Products line. This system allows measurement of panel/sheet parts for length, width, and squareness. Ranges up to 145" are initally available. Systems can be made with or without casters.

New Product (June 2017):

Accurate Technology has added a length gage for measuring tubes and shafts to its QC Products Line. ProTable-TUBE will initially be available in measuring ranges up to 145 inches. Both bench and free-standing models are available.

Discontinued Product (March 2017):

There are no more replacement battery clips available. (These were used in ProScale readouts made until late 2011.)

Discontinued Product (September 2016):

There are no more replacement Series I Encoders or Scales available. Series I systems included Models 180, 280, 380 and 580.

NEW ProScale Models (July 2013):

New Models 190, 290, 390 and 590 replace Models 180, 280, 380 and 580 systems. The new models use a more robust technology, with greater resistance to electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic interference. Additionally, the new encoder speed increases from 60 to 80 inches per second. The new models, although not interchangeable with the older technology, are identical in size and function, making them an easy, direct replacement for the older systems.

DIGITAL READOUTS for Models 180, 280, 380 and 580 are still available, but other parts such as SCALES and ENCODERS are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Discontinued Product (January 2012)

ProTool Database Software has been discontinued.

Discontinued Part

Effective May 15, 2010: GagewaySM RS232 adapter (part # 905-1600-001 ) used to convert the ProScale Readout SPC data output to RS232 - will no longer available. GagewaySM USB adapters will continue to be offered.

Obsolete Parts

Effective Oct. 1, 2009 Capacitive Incremental Systems/parts are obsolete.

Products using these parts include:

  • DigiFence (green scale)
  • DigiStop (green scale)
  • DigiScale (green scale)
  • Model 100 (green scale)
  • Model 200 (green scale)