Frequently Asked Questions

What is the accuracy of a ProScale measuring system?

The accuracy of the core product (scale and encoder) depends on the ProScale Model. This accuracy is calculated at 20ºC (68ºF). ProScale has a thermal coefficient of 25ppm/ºC. Complete ProScale Product Specifications.

How do I get the Readout into "programming mode"?

What materials can ProScale be used to measure?

ProScale can be used to measure any simple or complex materials or products where liquid will not contact the scale (in most cases, installing the scale upside down solves this problem).

Why is ProScale better than shaft encoders?

When mounted properly, ProScale only changes its reading when the machine actually moves, instead of when a shaft begins to turn. This removes any error due to backlash in shafts.

Why is ProScale better than optical measuring systems?

Unlike optical measurement systems, the accuracy of capacitive and inductive measuring systems are not affected by sawdust or other non-conductive contaminants. Additionally, power consumption is much less than optical measurement systems, which enables ProScale to operate on standard batteries for many months (and makes installation easier). Also, ProScale is a solid-state electronic device, so there's very little to wear out. The encoder and scale are designed to withstand shop dirt, dust, and other airborne contaminants, and the controls are sealed with a protective cover for long life.

Why is ProScale better than magnetic measuring systems?

Unlike magnetic measurement systems there is never a gap to set or worry about. the ProScale system uses a 'captive' encoder to always maintain proper distance between the encoder and the scale. Additionally, power consumption is much less than magnetic measurement systems, allowing long term use with standard battery power (and making installation and maintenance easier).

How long can ProScale measure?

Standard ProScales have a maximum measuring range of 0 to 284 inches in a single length. The ProScale readout has a maximum display range of +399.99 inches. ProScale can be custom built to measure longer ranges; contact us with details of your application.

What is the power source for ProScale measuring devices?

Most ProScale measuring devices are powered by the Digital Readout. The Readout contains 1 CR123 lithium battery or two AA alkaline or lithium batteries. Some of our digital readout models are powered by 12-24VDC.

Will ProScale lose its position when turned off or when power is removed?

ProScales products built with Absolute technology will not lose their position when turned off or when power is removed. (Models 150 and 250 plus any ProScale products incorporating these systems)

ProScale products built with Incremental technology will not lose their position when the READOUT is turned off, but could possibly lose their position when power is removed from the Encoder. (Models 180/190, 280/290, 380/390 and 580/590 plus any ProScale products built using this technology)

Can ProScale communicate with computers? What is the protocol?

ProScale is compatible with computers using several different protocols. Our SPC equipped readouts output Mitutoyo Digimatic™ signal. This signal can be converted to RS232, RS485, RS422, or an analog 0-5 or 0-10VDC signal using our interface products. Many of our digital readouts have built-in converters as well. Data may also be transmitted wirelessly using Pro-RF SPC or Encoder transmitters and receivers.

What is the maximum speed that ProScale can be moved?

This depends on which product that ProScale is used to build, and the configuration of the display and/or input device.

  • Encoders with Absolute technology have a slew rate of 16 inches per second. (M150, M250)
  • Hi-Speed Absolute Encoders technology have a slew rate of 30 inches per second. (ProTable)
  • Encoders with Inductive Series I Incremental technology have a slew rate of 60 inches per second. (M180, M280, M380, M580, ProPanels, ProStops)
  • Encoders with Inductive Series II Incremental technology have a slew rate of 120 inches per second. (M190, M290, M390, M590, ProPanels, ProStops)

Can ProScale measuring devices be used outdoors?

ProScales were designed to be used indoors where the temperature is between 0 - 51ºC (32 - 120ºF). Our liquid crystal displays will not operate properly outside these temperatures. Our LED display (requires 24VDC power) will operate in colder temperatures. Absolute (M150, M250) ProScales does not operate in wet environments, however the encoder and scale are designed to withstand shop dirt, dust, and other airborne contaminants

Incremental (M190, M290, M390, M590) ProScales will operate in light splash environments, and the encoder and scale are designed to withstand shop dirt, dust, and other airborne contaminants. Consideration should also be given to the effects on accuracy - for any device - at extreme temperatures.

How do I retrofit my product with ProScale measuring devices?

It's possible to retrofit almost any product with ProScale. ProScale operates on a simple principle: one part of a product moves, and other part is stationary. Simply match the stationary and moving parts of your product to the stationary and moving parts of a ProScale, and an installation can be completed. We make several engineered retrofit kits for popular woodworking machinery.

Do you sell SPC (Statistical Process Control) software?

No. There are numerous programs and methodologies for implementing SPC. We only provide the data.

Can I shorten a ProScale scale that I already have?

Any scale we manufacture can be shortened without causing the system to fail. If you have an absolute style scale, follow the instructions here.

If you have an incremental style scale, the scale may be cut anywhere. Instructions here.

Is NIST calibration available?

We manufacture and test all of our measuring devices using NIST traceable components. A calibration chart can be generated (using NIST traceable gage bars) for an additional charge of $125.00. This service is available anytime (shipping charges to and from Accurate Technology may apply).