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Our QC gages are are Made in USA and include our ProScale measurement technology. Capabilities include single and dual axis measurements, wireless data transmission, and measurement capability to 20+ feet.  Almost all can be customized to suit custom/bespoke measuring requirements.

For a portable gage, we recommend our Giant Digital Caliper. We call this ProPanel. It has 8 inch tall jaws, and is perfect for measuring sheets, panels, and tiles. ProPanel is made/stocked with measuring ranges up to 120 inches (3m).

For single axis measurements:

  • The MINI measuring table is a benchtop gage for measuring part lengths up to 40 inches (1 meter) length.
  • The SA measuring table is a benchtop or free-standing gage for measuring part lengths up to 25 feet (7.6m). (Specialized versions allow measurement of hole locations, slots, and more.) With over 2000 possible configurations, we probably have the version you need. If not, we'll design & build it!
  • The TUBE measuring system is specially made for fast and easy measurement of shaft and tube lengths up to 145 inches (3.68m) long. Designed for long-lasting shop-floor use, it is ideal for parts from .1 to 3 inch diameter (2.54mm - 76mm).
  • The XD measuring system is ideal for length measurement of sheet and tile products up to 145 (3.68m) long. Steel, ceramic, aluminum, and plastic parts are all measured easily.
  • The XU measuring system can be used to measure length, width, squareness, edge-to-hole, and hole-to-hole distances on sheets, tiles, panels, and more. 
  • For those that prefer to DIY, the 590 system gives you a measuring system, linear guideway, and a carriage. You add a base/bench and a fixed jaw. Calibrate after assembly.

For 2 or 3 axis measurements:

  • CAB is an award winning door and tile measuring system. It measures length and width (and optionally squareness) at the same time. Designed to measure wooden doors, this system can be used for much more. Many customizations and options available.
  • OPT is custom designed to suit all kinds of products and applications, but is a NON-CONTACT gage/solution.
  • XY also measures length and width, but is more heavy-duty, longer lasting, and designed to suit your needs. Excellent for sheet steel, glass, and large/heavy plastic parts.
  • GA measures any feature/distance, point-to-point using non-contact or touch probe designs. Ranges up to 40x120 inches (1m x 3m). Designed to suit.
  • STAND is an industrial measurement and inspection tool designed specifically for moulder cutter heads up to 15x15 inches (380mm).
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