Woodworking & Cabinets

The following products are designed for installation onto various types of woodworking machinery: 

For planers, sanders, shapers, moulders, tenoners, we offer two versions of our Planer-Sander kit. For well grounded machinery without VFD's, choose the Incremental technology version. For more industrial machines, and for heavy-use sanders (where static can build up), choose the Absolute Technology version.

For mitre and chop saws, choose our ProStop Digital Fence and Stop system. Also works for drill press, band saws, and replacing cross-cut fences on sliders. For small shop use, our DigiStop System could be used.

For Cabinet Saws - Choose DigiFence. 

For Sliding Table Saws and Vertical Panel Saws, check out our ProKits - all the electronics and brackets you need to add digital precision and repeatability to your machine.

For last two heads on a moulder, our ProSet system has special software to show the OUTFEED dimension to the operator.

Also for moulders, our ProStand system measures tooling for axial and radial. It can be used to inspect tools for bluing, and can be used to reverse engineer existing profiles.

Need to measure stiles, rail, panels, doors, or other parts? ProPanel is a Giant Portable Caliper. CAB is a 2-axis measuring station. SA is a high precision, industrial measuring station with DOZENS of customization options. 590 is a Do-it-yourself kit of parts for building a measuring station. XU and GA products are large scale industrial measuring solutions that allow for measurement of many product features.


Have a question, call 1-828-654-7920 or email sales@proscale.com with a request. 

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