Incremental Encoder, 4 inch (100 mm) cable

ProScale Inductive Incremental encoder with 4inch (100mm) cable. NOTE: Cable exits the END of the housing, not the side.
Works with ProScale 590 Inductive Series 2 scales.

This is type 2B encoder; it may not be compatible with older ProScale readouts.

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ProScale Incremental encoder with 4inch (100 mm) cable.  Works with ProScale 590 Inductive Series 2 scales.

This is a type 2B encoder (new for 2023). This encoder as an on-board battery that will keep the encoder working for up to 5 minutes without power from a digital readout. (This allows battery powered readouts to have their battery replaced without losing encoder position.) These also have improved EMI immunity over previous models.


  • Provides linear position measurement when used in conjunction with Inductive Series 2 scales.  Attached readout powers encoder and maintains position.
  • Ideal for use in manually positioned mechanical systems.  Maximum velocity is 118 inches per second (3000 mm per second).
  • Minimum position resolution is .01 mm (~.0005 inches)
  • Encoder can be installed in either direction on the scale.
  • Operates with all modern ProScale readouts EXCEPT 950 series.
  • Modular telephone jack for easy connection to readout.
  • Can be used with 100-1026-001 guide clip for positioning of encoder on scale.
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