ProRF Encoder Transmitter V4

Transmit encoder motion to a remote computer. Range is environmentally dependent, typically 150-300 feet. 

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The ProRF Encoder transmitter Version 4 is designed to wirelessly transmit position information from a ProScale encoder to a remote PC.  The Encoder Transmitter communicates with a ProRF Encoder receiver (version 4 only). The Encoder transmitter is powered by two internal CR123 batteries (these also power the connected ProScale encoder).

The Encoder transmiter version 4 remains in a very low power mode while dormant, and transmits position information only when motion is detected by the encoder.  This ensures average battery life of 5+ months depending on the amount of encoder motion.  

When used in conjunction with a ProRF Universal receiver, up to 8 individual encoder transmitters can communicate to one receiver. 


  • 2.4 GHz two-way communications using IEEE 802.15.4 protocol for interference-resistant data transmission.
  • LEDs for message status and low battery warning
  • Sixteen RF channels for interference-resistant operation
  • 5+ months battery lifetime depending on usage
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