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ProTable XU
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ProTable XU is a single axis overhead beam measuring system designed for panel or sheet type products up to 2 inches (50mm) thick and up to 120 lbs (55kg) evenly distributed weight.

The standard tabletop is 3/8" thick hard anodized cast aluminum plate.  Other customized material is available

The measurement axis is guided by a high percision industial hardened steel linear bearing system.  Fences are ground and plated tool steel.  Contact measurement pins are hardened steel.  Additional fixtures, such as edge to hole systems, are available.

The system is free standing and incorporates adjustable leveling feet.  Standard working height is 35 inches.

The Z axis retracts, allowing the measuring contact(s) to move over the product being measured.

Measurement accuracy error not to exceed +/- .005 inches (.13 mm).


  • Battery Operation: One CR123 Lithium battery in each Readout (axis) will power a ProTable XY for up to 6-8 months.
  • Non-Linear error compensation: The ProTable XY Readout stores up to 126 calibration points along the entire measuring length of each axis.
  • Temperature compensation: The Readout samples ambient temperature every 15 minutes and applies applicable correction to the measurement.
  • SPC Output: Measurement data can be sent wirelessly to a PC.
  • Measurement Pins: Standard systems are supplied with hardened steel measuring pins, or Stainless steel may be ordered as an option. Custom Hole or Edge probes are also available.
  • Easy Operation: Readout settings for Zero, Plus & Minus Offsets, Data Send, and Measurement Units.
  • Choice of Measurement Units: The Readout will display measurements in inches to .001 or .0005; Millimeters to .01; or Centimeters to .01.
  • One year warranty on all parts against defects in workmanship.
  • RoHS compliant: Lead Free Product
  • Custom designs available for your measuring application
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