590 DIY Measuring Kit

ProKit 590 is a Do-it-Yourself measuring table system. We supply linear bearing, encoder system, sliding carriage, digital readout, and anvil/jaw. You integrate into a table of your design and provide a zero point anvil/jaw.

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ProKit 590
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ProKit 590 is an ideal foundation for a 'build-it-yourself" dimensional measuring system.
This system starts with a ProScale Model 590 measuring system with its 4 friction bearing sliding carriage assembly. Added to the sliding carriage is an 8 inch x 1 inch (200mm x 25mm) hard anodized jaw and a quick grip handle to move the entire assembly. This becomes your moving measuring jaw, or stop.

NOTE: Beginning in December 2016, all scales will be CLEAR Anodized instead of Black.

To complete your dimensional measuring system simply recess the ProKit 590 into a table top, add a fixed stop at one end and start measuring products. See video below.


  • Battery Operation: 1 CR123 Lithium battery lasts up to 12 months
  • LCD Readout: Low power LCD with Auto Off/On
  • Large, easy-to-read: .75 in (20mm) characters
  • Displays: decimal inches, fractions, millimeters, or centimeters
  • Five Operation Keys: Power, Units, Datum, Plus, Minus
  • Six Function Keys: ABS/INC, Data SEND, and 4 special function keys
  • Programmable Datum: use Datum key for zero or other value
  • Special Functions: Go/NoGo, Upper/Lower limit, Sum, Min, Max, Ave.
  • Scaling: Programmable Linear scaling factor
  • Compensation: Built in Non-Linear and Temperature compensation
  • Accessories: Pre drilled mounting holes in sliding carriage assembly
  • ProRF: Wireless Data Transmitter ready
  • Units with 96" range and more require LTL shipping.




  • Accuracy
    • As measured at Encoder output, WITHOUT compensation: ± .010 in (.25mm)
    • As measured in user constructed system WITH Compensation Enabled: Better than ± .010 in (.25mm)*
  • Resolution: .001in or .01mm or .001cm or 1/64 in
  • Repeatablity: .001in or .01mm or .001cm or 1/64 in
  • Display Range: ± 999.999in or ± 9999.99mm or ± 999.999cm or ± 399 63/64
  • Power: 1 CR123 Lithium Battery or equivalent
  • Output: SPC (Digimatic®)
  • Custom sizes: available to measure up to 16 feet (4.8m)
  • Control: If using the system in a vertical orientation, we recommend adding a drag brake assembly (must be ordered with new systems, not retrofittable)

* System accuracy will ultimately be influenced by the quality of the measuring system construction (Abbé Error). When sound mechanical design and assembly have been incorporated into your design, and the system is calibrated using the Non-linear Compensation function in the Digital Readout, accuracies stated above will easily be attainable.

User Manual Quick Start Manual
Full User Manual Literature
User Manual Quick Start Manual
ProKit 590 2D Drawing
(updated 3-22-24)
Tabletop Assembly
User Manual

3D CAD models are available for this system on request. Please advise:

1. Which measuring range a model is needed for.

2. Which file format is desired: STEP, IGES, or SAT

Email engineering@proscale.com for files.

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