OPT: Non-Contact Measuring System

ProTable OPT is a single axis or 2 axis NON-CONTACT measuring system designed for quick and easy dimensional measurements on a multitude of products, such as tubes, extruded parts, cylinders, and other long narrow parts. Meant for use on a shop floor.

This product is designed and made to order, as its range of options is huge.

Round parts from 0.002 to 6.000 inches diameter can be measured. Other shapes/sizes, such as machined extrusions, machined plates, molded plastic, etc can also be measured.

In addition to overall length, features along the length of the part can be 'seen' by the video system and measured for location/size. Standard magnification from 15X to 75X is available, and custom systems with higher magnifcation are available on request. With over 200 different options, this product can be tailor-made to suit most needs. 

Contact sales@proscale.com to get started on your custom design or to ask questions.

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ProTable OPT
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ProTable OPT is a single axis or 2 axis measuring system (LMM) designed for quick and easy dimensional measurements on a multitude of products, such as tubes, extruded parts, cylinders, and other long narrow parts, in a manufacturing environment.

ProTable OPT is engineered to remain rigid, to hold up in shop environment, to have SPC data output options, and to retain accuracy through temperature fluctuations. Typically made with plated steel fixed jaw/stop and reciculating bearings on hardeneed steel rails. The photos shown here represent a small portion of the almost limitless configurations of ProTable OPT systems. 

See images on this page, plus the VIDEOS tab for more information.


  • Designed to suit your needs.
  • Measurement Error Compensation: All ProTable System Readouts have built-in Linear and Non-Linear Error Compensation to maximize accuracy along the entire measuring range of the ProTable.
  • Temperature compensation: Ambient temperature is sampled every 15 minutes and applicable correction factors are applied to the measurement automatically.
  • Data Output: ProTable measurement data can be sent wirelessly with ProRF SPC, uWave, or MicroRidge Mini Mobile products.
  • Dual Measurements: ProTable can measure parts in absolute mode. Use incremental mode for relative measurements.
  • Built-In Functions: Upper/Lower Limit, Go/NoGo (up to 32 parts), and more.
  • Easy Operation: Front panel Readout settings for Zero (or other programmable datum point), Plus & Minus Offsets, Data Hold, Data Send, and Measurement Units.
  • Choice of Measurement Units: The Digital Readout will display measurements in inches to .001; Millimeters to .01; or Centimeters to .01. (Displayed units and resolution are customizable.)
  • RoHS compliant: Lead Free Product
  • 3 year warranty


Questions to answer to get started with your custom design:

  1. What is the maximum range of length measurement you will need?
  2. What is the range of parts size in cross section? (For instance, you might have parts from .015 to 1.0 inch diameter. Or plates up to 1" thick x 10" wide. Or extrusions up to 4" thick and 4" wide.)
  3. Do you need digital measurement for the Y-axis also?
  4. How should your parts be held in place? (Gravity, magnets, weighted clamps, pressure clamps, etc)
  5. Do you prefer a free-standing system, or something that can be placed onto an existing table/bench?
    a. If free-standing, do you want casters or leveling feet (or both)?
  6. What is the maximum weight of your parts?
  7. Do you prefer V-Blocks to hold your parts, or a flat plate (or both)?
  8. Are any materials not allowed to touch your parts?
  9. Will you need output from the readout(s)? If so, do you prefer a wired connection or wireless connection to your computer?
  10. Can you send us 3D or 2D CAD models for your parts so we can show how they would look in the custom gage/solution?
Quick Start Manual coming soon
Sample Calibration Chart Literature, Product
Information Sheet

Open Frame Version:


Bridge type system with non-contact, point-to-point measurement (video system):



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