Vertical Panel Saw Readout Kits

ProKit Vertical Saw Kits are digital readout retrofit kits for vertical panel saws. These kits include digital scales, sensors, readouts, and brackets to digitize your existing panel saw. Don't see your machine listed? We have dozens of other kits available; contact us for additional information.

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ProKit Vertical Saw Kits
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ProKit Vertical Saw Kits are digital readout retrofit kits for existing vertical panel saws.  ProKit Vertical Saw Kits add digital precision and repeatability to vertical panel saw systems at an attractive, affordable price.

ProKit Vertical Saw Kits come with ProScale Inductive Series digital measuring systems, pre-engineered mounting brackets and all mounting hardware.  All ProKit Vertical Saw Kits are designed to fit a specific make and model of saw and come with easy to follow instructions.


  • Digital Readout: Includes General Purpose readout.
  • Battery Operation: Operate on one CR123 Lithium battery
  • Dual Measurements: With ProKit readouts, you can position your system in absolute mode, switch to incremental mode for relative positioning, and return to the absolute mode with no loss of measurement or accuracy
  • Kerf Compensation: 
  • Easy Operation: Front panel settings for Datum, Plus & Minus Offsets, and Units Mode
  • Choice of Measurement Mode: Readouts will display measurements in Millimeters, Centimeters, Decimal inches or Fractions (fractions can be displayed in 16ths, 32nds, or 64ths)
  • Scalability: ProKits support multiple stops on the same fence
  • One year warranty.


Measurement Range:  Up to 120 inches (3048 mm), depending on kit version.
Repeatability:  .001 inch (0.02mm) 
Accuracy:  ± .010in  (.25mm)

Kits are available for the following machines:

  • Elcon DSX, RSX
  • Hendrick Pro-V
  • HolzHer 1205, 1220, 1265, 1265S, 1270
  • Putsch 133, 145
  • Safety Speed panel saw (most models)
  • (More being added all the time)
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