ProStop, Linear Bearing Version

ProStop LB is a complete digital stop and fence system for chop saws, radial arm saws, and miter saws. Can be used on nearly any existing table, conveyor, or machine. Also works on band saws, shears, sliding saws, and more. This system is similar to our Version 2 and Version 3 systems, but is built with a linear bearing for ultimate accuracy, rigidity, and repeatability.


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ProStop LB
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ProStop is a complete manual Digital Stop and Fence System for miter and chop saws. It includes an aluminum Fence, a Flip Stop with fine adjustment, a double lock down mechanism.

An selection of optional stop plates are also available that attach to the Flip Stop with 2 included bolts.  These optional stop plates adapt the Flip Stop for a variety of uses such as gang cutting or for cutting very short products.

ProStop systems use our Inductive Series II Measuring Technology for the utmost in performance and reliability in almost all working environments.  Note: ProStop is not compatible with full stream cutting fluid contact.

We have customizations available for conveyor and roller table installations also; contact for more information.


  • Repeatable to .001 inch or 0.01mm.
  • Configurable for use on the left or right of the saw.
  • You can position your system in absolute mode, switch to incremental mode for repetitive cuts, and return to the absolute mode with no loss of measurement or accuracy.
  • Multiple stop assemblies may be installed on the same fence rail.
  • Front panel user programming with Zero, Plus & Minus and display Mode keys.
  • The Digital Readout displays Millimeters, Centimeters, Decimal inches or Fractions (16ths, 32nds, or 64ths).
  • 1 CR123 Lithium lasts approximately 6-8 months.
  • ONE year warranty.
  • NOTE: ProStop is configured for RIGHT SIDE OF THE SAW installation by default. If you will use on the left side, please note this in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box when placing order. If you forget, it is a 5 minute conversion on-site.


Accuracy: +/- 005 inch (.25mm)

Repeatability:  +/- 001in (.01mm)

Power:  One CR123 Battery (included)

Range vs. Length: The positioning range is shorter than overall length. Overall product length is 11 inches longer (allowing for the width of the sliding stop). 

About Installation:

ProStop is designed to fit all tables up to 1 inch thickness out of the box. There is an excellent video of the unpacking and installation at (video shows version 2 product, but is similar)

About Operation:

ProStop is designed to work with nearly any chop saw, band saw, drill press, and other fixed base machines. ProStop will fit all tables up to 1 inch thickness . To learn more about use, check out this video:

    Quick Start Manual
User Manual - coming soon Literature - coming soon ProStop & DigiStop comparisons
User Manual

2D Drawing for 48" model, right side configuration

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