All Purpose Readout UPGRADE

The all-purpose ProScale readout upgrade adds several features and operating modes to your existing DigiFence or DigiStop product. 

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The All-purpose ProScale Readout upgrade adds the following abilities to your DigiFence or DigiStop product:

Absolute and Incremental measuring modes. Set absolute zero (your regular calibration). Then use Incremental zero to program a TEMPORARY zero point anywhere along the travel. (Incremental value can even be programmed to offset for kerf.) When done using incremental, press and hold the ABS/INC key for 4 seconds, and the reverts to the absolute position - without loss of calibration information.

MONITOR mode. This allows the readout to flash all digits (or turn on a light, sound a siren, etc if connected to external device) when the system is moved outside a preprogrammed range. For instance, you could set your table saw fence to 24.000 inches, then turn on the MONITOR. If the fence is bumped and moves more than .010", you are alerted - BEFORE bad parts are made.

Offsets mode. This allows you to preset multiple datum points, and use a single key press to change from one datum (offset) to another. For instance, on a table saw, you might reference the LEFT edge of your fence to the blade for 90% of your cuts. Offsets would allow you to use keep a datum point in memory for the RIGHT edge of the fence at the same time. Or, you might have two saws inline with your DigiStop system. Offsets allow you to track the "zero" point for both saws at the same time.

HOLD mode. This allows you to temporarily freeze the measurement on the screen. On DigiStop, you can HOLD the reading, then move the stop out of the way to make a single rough cut, then move stop back to desired position again, while letting the readout "hold" the position for you, no need to write anything down.

Data Output. The readout can send position information to a voice box (announces position), to a computer, or to a printer. (All these other devices made by other companies.)

External Power Supply Option. The readout can be powered by an external power supply instead of (or in addition to) the internal battery. When external power is connected, the readout will automatically use it. When external power is removed, the readout will use the internal battery instead.

External pushbutton or footswitch operation. Many of the readout's functions can be controlled by an external pushbutton or footswitch. 

NOTE: Some of the above features must be turned on and set up using the Programming/Customization menu.

User Manual
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ProScale Readout keys Primary Functions

ProScale Readout keys - Secondary Functions

1. Is the Absolute - Incremental featured turned on by default?



2. Is the MONITOR mode turned on by default?

No, this needs to be enabled in the programming/customization menu.


3. Are offsets turned on by default?

No, these need to be enabled and programmed in the programming/customization menu.


4. Is the HOLD mode turned on by default?

No, this needs to be enabled in the programming/customization menu.


5. Can all of the above functions be enabled and used together?



6. Does this readout have output I can use for an audio device or data connection to a computer?

Yes. The output signal is called Digimatic.


7. Does this readout allow me to power the readout with an external power supply?

Yes, but consideration should be made to how the wiring will be routed and managed. NOTE: When external power is connected, the icon for battery power will disappear after a couple minutes. 


8. Does this readout allow me to use an external footswitch or pushbutton to "activate" the keys remotely? 

Yes, but not all keyboard functions are possible.


9. Does this readout use more power than the standard unit used on DigiFence or DigiStop?

Yes, but the difference is largely negligible over the course of a battery's lifetime.


10. Is this readout the same size as the Basic model?

Yes, outside dimensions are identical.

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