ProRF Encoder Receiver

The ProRF Encoder receiver connects to a ProScale readout to display measurement data that is wirelessly transmitted from an Encoder transmitter. 

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The ProRF Encoder receiver is designed to connect to a ProScale readout and wirelessly receive position data from an Encoder transmitter. The Encoder receiver, in conjunction with the Encoder transmitter can be used in applications where cable wiring between the encoder and readout is difficult or not feasable.

The Encoder receiver is powered from an external 9 volt DC power supply (included).  The Encoder receiver connects to a nearby ProScale digital readout using the included modular jumper cable.  The data output of the Encoder receiver mimics the output of the ProScale encoder, so no special configuration of the readout is needed.


  • 2.4 GHz two-way communications using IEEE 802.15.4 protocol for interference-resistant data transmission.
  • LEDs for message status and Encoder transmitter low battery warning.
  • Sixteen RF channels for interference-resistant operation.



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ProRF Encoder Receiver

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