ProScale Panel Mount LCD, V3

CURRENT INVENTORY FOR THIS READOUT IS VERY LIMITED. Consider newer version instead: Panel Mount LCD Version 4

The In-Panel LCD Readout is is a popular choice for OEM products. It’s ideal for in-panel or control box mounted applications. The Encoder, battery / DC power connections and signal outputs are located on the back side of the Readout for easy access in the panel or control box environment. The Readout is sized for a 1/4 DIN cut-out.

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  • Battery Operation: 1 CR123 Lithium battery typically lasts 5-6 months
  • DC Operation: 12-24 VDC
  • LCD Readout: Low power LCD with automatic power-off and automatic power on
  • Large, easy-to-read: .5 inch (12.7 mm) characters
  • Displays: decimal inches, fractions, millimeters, or centimeters
  • Five Operation keys: Power, Units, Datum, Plus, Minus
  • Easy mounting: In a panel or control box up to .5in thick with 1/4 DIN cutout
  • Programmable Datum: use Datum key for zero or other value
  • Scaling: Programmable Linear scaling factor.
  • Lock-Out: Front panel keys and Readout programming
  • RoHS compliant:  Lead Free Product


  fractions inch mm cm
Display Range ± 399 63/64 ± 999.999 ± 9999.99 ± 999.999
Resolution 1/16, 1/32 or 1/64 .1, .01 or .001 .1 or .01 .1, .01 or .001
Repeatability 1/64 .001 .01 .001
Operating Power 1 CR123 Battery  (or equivalent) or 12-24 VDC
Output  SPC (Digimatic®) and a programmable open collector signal
Dimensions 4.125 x 4.125 x 1.16 in. (105 x 105 x 30 mm)
Current Part Number  700-1600-435
Current Firmware version 3.2xx

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