SA: Industrial Length Measurement

ProTable SA is a single axis measuring system designed for quick and easy dimensional measurements on a multitude of products, such as tubes, extruded parts, cylinders, and other long narrow parts. Meant for use on a shop floor.

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ProTable SA is a single axis measuring system (LMM) designed for quick and easy dimensional measurements on a multitude of products, such as tubes, extruded parts, cylinders, and other long narrow parts, in a manufacturing environment. ProTable is built using high quality aluminum extrusion, steel measuring jaws and steel bearings to minimize orthogonal, Abbé, and cosine errors and to insure smooth trouble free operation even in harsh manufacturing environments.

The photos shown represent a small portion of the almost limitless configurations of ProTables. If you are interested in a standard or custom design you don't see here, please contact us.

(August 2019): Automated solutions are also available now - contact us for additional information.

Units with 75" ranges or longer require LTL shipping.
Contact factory for shipping quotes on long units.)


  • Battery Operation: One CR123 (3v) Lithium battery is all it takes to power a ProTable measuring system for 8-12 months.
  • Steel Measurement Jaws: ProTable systems are supplied with nickel plated steel measuring jaws. Hardened steel (RC55) jaws available as an option.
  • Measurement Error Compensation: All ProTable System Readouts have built-in Linear and Non-Linear Error Compensation to maximize accuracy along the entire measuring range of the ProTable.
  • Temperature compensation: Ambient temperature is sampled every 15 minutes and applicable correction factors are applied to the measurement automatically.
  • Data Output: ProTable measurement data can be sent wirelessly with ProRF SPC.
  • Dual Measurements: ProTable can measure parts in absolute mode. Use incremental mode for relative measurements.
  • Built-In Functions: Upper/Lower Limit, Go/NoGo (up to 32 parts), and more.
  • Easy Operation: Front panel Readout settings for Zero (or other programmable datum point), Plus & Minus Offsets, Data Hold, Data Send, and Measurement Units.
  • Choice of Measurement Units: The Digital Readout will display measurements in inches to .001; Millimeters to .01; or Centimeters to .01. (Displayed units and resolution are customizable.)
  • RoHS compliant: Lead Free Product
  • 3 year warranty


Model Measurement Range Accuracy*
ProTable-2 0-25 inches (635mm) Better than ± .003in (.08mm)
ProTable-4 0-50 inches (1200mm) Better than ± .003in (.08mm)
ProTable-6 0-75 inches (1900mm) Better than ± .003in (.08mm)
ProTable-8 0-100 inches (2540mm) Better than ± .003in (.08mm)
ProTable-10 0-120 inches (3.0m) Better than ± .003in (.08mm)
ProTable-12 0-145 inches (3.6m) Better than ± .003in (.08mm)
ProTable-16 0-195 inches (4.9m) Better than ± .005in (even better if we do on-site setup)
ProTable-20 0-240 inches (6.0m) Better than ± .005in (even better if we do on-site setup)

0-300 inches (7.6m)

Better than ± .005in (even better if we do on-site setup)

* Accuracy applies to the entire measuring range


  • Backfence - placed along the entire back edge of the measuring surface to provide part alignment.
  • V-Blocks - aluminum or steel movable supports that are perfect for measuring rounds, tubes, pipes, etc.
  • Custom Jaws - custom designed measuring jaws are available for unique applications, or in custom finishes including hardened, plated or ground.
  • Corner-Corner - custom fixtures and jaws designed to make corner to corner measurements.
  • Outrigger Supports - Fixed, telescoping (double) or pivoting 'product under test' supports.
  • Optical - addition of a single or dual axis optical system to the moving measurement jaw.
  • Wear Sheets - Protect the surface of your ProTable with replaceable wear sheets
  • Wireless Data System - Measurements are transmitted wirelessly to a PC.
  • Leg Kit & Casters - converts the standard Bench Top ProTable to a free-standing, mobile system.
  • Dust Cover - a custom fitting, water and dust proof cover for ProTable
  • On Site calibration
User Manual Quick Start Manual
Information Manual Sample Calibration Chart Literature, Product
Information Sheet
User Manual User Manual User Manual
ProTable, baseline system 
ProTable, with standard V-blocks 
ProTable, with Leg Kit Installed 

ProTable-SA system with most common features:

System with non-contact, point-to-point measurement (video system):

System designed to measure belts:

System designed to measure shafts up to 900 pounds:

System configured to work with VDRO software:

Open Frame Version:

Looking for a custom system to suit your needs? Just contact us!


 Crane Plastics

 Thompson Arms (Smith & Wesson) 

Medical Manufacturer - coming soon


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